Magnesium Powder - 51 Grams

Delivery Supplement:
  • 30 servings of magnesium
  • Reduces tiredness & fatigue
  • For better soothing sleep
  • For bone and tooth health
  • Suitable for vegetarians
Product Information
Magnesium Powder for better sleep and to reduce tiredness and fatigue. Each dosage contains over 30% of your daily magnesium requirements. Add the powder to drinks or meals for a host of health benefits. An adult's daily requirement of magnesium is 375mg per day. The role of Magnesium within the body is expansive, it contributes to normal muscle function and maintenance of normal teeth and bones. Additionally, Magnesium is required for normal energy metabolism and a reduction in tiredness and fatigue. Many people take magnesium during their evening meal to improve the quality, duration and ease of sleep.

Ingredients: Magnesium Citrate
Dosage: Our Magnesium powder comes in handy 30 day servings for 1 months supply. Simply take up to 1.7grams of magnesium citrate powder each day for up to 30% of your daily requirements. We recommend that you measure your daily dosage with an electric scale, as this is more accurate. Sprinkle on to food or mix into a drink or smoothie.

Nutrition Values Per Serving:
Magnesium (Magnesium Citrate) From 850mg of Magnesium Citrate, providing 14.5% elemental Magnesium

One study gave a group of elderly patients with problematic sleep a daily dosage of magnesium dietary supplement for 8 weeks. The results showed that the patients who took the magnesium supplement fell asleep faster than those who didn’t. They also slept for longer and reduced awake time during the night. Lastly, they demonstrated a clinical difference in serum concentrations of the hormone associated with sleep.

It is not easy to take in a tablet or capsule as magnesium is not potent in its natural form. For example, Magnesium citrate contains, 14.5% elemental Magnesium. Therefore, magnesium powder gives you a maximum strength dosage.
Important Information: As a food supplement for adults, take 0.85 grams up to 2 times a day (1.7grams total or 2/3rd teaspoon), preferably at mealtime or as directed by a healthcare practitioner. Do not exceed the stated dose. Do not use if the seal is broken.
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