Medosan Venen Ex Leg Spray

Delivery Supplement:
  • Treats the appearance and irritation of painful varicose veins
  • Designed to ease inflammation, even out redness and increase circulation
  • Strengthens the underlying tissue to make veins look and feel better
  • A unique formula which includes natural horse chestnut, arnica and juniper.
Product Information
Medosan Venen-Ex Spray helps with the appearance, itching and inflammation that come with varicose veins. It contains a unique formula of natural Menthol, valuable extracts from Ginkgo, Vine Leaves, Marigolds and Horse Chestnut. Super easy to use; still effective if sprayed over socks or tights, leaves no stains, and has an immediate cooling action. You can spray calves and legs several times daily, and allow to penetrate without massage.
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