Men’s Incontinence Pants - Buy 2 & Save £5

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  • Washable incontinence pants for men
  • Extra absorbent to keep you dry and fresh
  • Avoid embarrassment of damp patches on trousers
  • Look and feel like ordinary underwear
  • In grey or black
Product Information
Men of all ages can experience the embarrassment and inconvenience of urinary incontinence due to stress, a wide range of medical conditions or after surgery.

Say goodbye to damp patches on trousers and the discomfort of feeling wet with our exclusive men's incontinence pants. Invisible under clothing they look, fit and feel just like ordinary underwear. And with the added security of extra absorption in the right place you can enjoy the confidence of feeling dry and fresh all day long.

Our fully washable incontinence pants can be worn again and again, saving you money on disposable pants and pads. Pack of three. In 95% breathable cotton and 5% polyurethane. Available in sizes M-XXL. Choose grey or black when ordering.
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