Mini Orchard Fruit Tree Collection (Apple, Pear & Plum)

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  • Grow your very own Mini Orchard from your own back doorstep!
  • Collection includes 3 top quality, self-fertile, compact fruit trees so you can grow fruit even in smaller gardens or on the patio.
  • Although compact, they're heavy cropping, with fruits produced from July through to October.
  • You may even pick your first juicy fresh fruit in the first year with an increase in crop year on year saving you money on expensive supermarket prices.
  • You get 1 each of Apple 'Braeburn', Pear 'Conference' and Plum 'Victoria' as 1.2M bare-root trees, to plant out while dormant.
Product Information
These top quality, Professional Standard fruit trees mean YOU can now grow full sized crops in your garden or even in pots on your patio! What's more, you can expect to be picking your first juicy fresh fruit in the first year! The crop will increase year on year, eventually giving you hundreds of pounds of produce per season and costing literally pennies per lb over their long life of over 50 years! They're Self Fertile and grown on Dwarfing Rootstocks so they so will pollinate themselves and always be compact. The beautiful, fragrant blossom in spring will precede the fruits, with Victoria cropping from July, Conference in September and Braeburn in October. Delicious fresh from the tree, but make perfect jams and preserves or can be stored for later use. Conference and Braeburn will even keep until Christmas

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