Miracle Of Aloe

Aloe vera is widely known to help relieve sunburn and nurse cuts and wounds due to its cooling nature and soothing properties. Yet, it may surprise you that its uses go beyond helping just your skin to heal and even just a striking looking potted plant that you might brighten up your home with.
Miracle Of Aloe
Aloe vera is commonly combined with two substances; yellow latex and a clear gel, both of which are used in a variety of products. The yellow latex variants featuring aloe vera are principally used for products that are to be ingested, (which are mainly medications and even healthy beverages), while the gel can be found in creams and lotions to relieve skin conditions such as rashes and dry skin.

However, other uses range from an alternative to mouthwash through to lowering your blood sugar. That’s why here at Coopers of Stortford, we understand the amazing benefits of using aloe vera and have two popular products in our Miracle of Aloe range that will help you maintain healthy skin and nails.

Our Toenail Soft is a lotion specifically designed to soften hard, thick toenails. This is perfect if you experience pain or discomfort from firm toenails and find it difficult to cut them regularly. With its 60% aloe-rich formulation, Toenail Soft needs to be applied before bedtime, to allow it to get to work penetrating your nails overnight. That’s all you need to do! By morning, your nails will be soft, supple and easy to trim, providing more comfort and preventing painful in-growing toenails. Toenail Soft is available in a handy and long-lasting 28g tube, so you’ll find you won’t need to use very much in each application.

If you suffer from problematic skin around and underneath your toenails, our Miracure Aloe Anti-Fungal Liquid is the ideal accompaniment to the Toenail Soft. The 100% natural formula seeps deep into the skin around and under your toes and fingernails. It relieves itching, discolouration and odours, attacking the source of the problem. The liquid is available in a 30ml bottle and use is made simple with an easy brush applicator. For best results, you’ll need to apply twice daily.

Both our Toenail Soft and Miracure Aloe Anti-Fungal Liquid will help keep your skin and nails healthy, free from discomfort. In addition, they will help you to save the pennies, as you won’t need to visit the chiropodist.