Mole Scatter Granules 450g -Twin Pack

Delivery Supplement:
  • Biodegradable, humane mole repellent
  • Treats up to 45m2
  • Suitable for use around children and pets
  • Shaker-style cap to allow for easy application
Product Information
Biodegradable, humane mole repellent: the granules are coated with castor oil as an effective natural active deterrent to repel moles from gardens and lawns. They find the taste unpleasant and causes them no harm. Does not affect plants or growth.

Treatment area: 450g of mole repellent granules treats up to 45m2 of lawn, gardens, seedbeds, meadows and parks.

Suitable for use around children and pets: scatter granules contain natural ingredients such as plant oils and no poisons.

Shaker cap: bottle comes with shaker-style cap to allow for easy application. Any unused granules can be stored in the bottle. Can be used all year round.
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