Nail Doctor

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  • Nail doctor alleviates discoloured, cracked and flaky nails
  • Softens tough nails for easier clipping
  • Anti-bacterial and anti-fungal action
  • For fingers and toenails
  • All natural ingredients, developed by orthopaedic surgeons
Product Information
Suffering from discoloured, cracked or flaking nails? Finding tough, brittle nails hard to clip? They’re symptoms of fungal nail infection that can affect ladies and gents of all ages.

Developed by orthopaedic surgeons, Nail Doctor is an advanced nail fungus treatment solution that’s highly effective in treating and preventing thick, hard and in-grown toenails.

Its powerful anti-bacterial and anti-fungal action uses all-natural ingredients that prevent the spread of fungal infections while moisturising, softening and conditioning tough nails for easier clipping. Quick and easy to apply, it’s highly effective – and safe – for use on fingernails as well as toenails.

Apply a drop or two of Nail Doctor once or twice daily using the supplied brush. You’ll be able to see the results in as little as 7 days with clearer, healthier looking nails. Further application can also help prevent future infections. 15ml bottle includes applicator brush.
Reviews (26)
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After only one application my nails looked so much healthier!
By Mrs. L. Torbica,  04 Jul 2022
By Joseph Gordon,  19 Apr 2022
Find this product extremely good, would certainly recommend it.
By Anonymous,  13 Apr 2022