One-Touch Ultima 4L 22cm Pressure Cooker

Delivery Supplement:
  • One-Touch Ultima 4 litre 22cm pressure cooker
  • Unique twist and turn lid open/close design
  • Single pressure setting: 80kPa / 11.6lb
  • Made with high grade quality stainless steel
  • Phenolic stay cool handles for easy handling
Product Information
Preserve the vitamin C in your meals with this versatile One-Touch Ultima Pressure Cooker from Tower. The high quality stainless steel body holds a 4 litre capacity suitable for cooking family meals or batch cooking. The included steamer basket ventilates the heat during high pressure temperatures to thoroughly cook your food with steam alone. The unique twist and turn lid mechanism is designed for simple one-handed operation, sealing in all the key nutrients and minerals from your ingredients including vegetables, meat and fish dishes. The lid features a detachable 60 minute timer feature for scheduling and monitoring your preferred cooking period as you move around your home. The phenolic stay-cool side handles offer a comfortable grip and provide ease of carrying between kitchen surfaces. All safety aspects are taken care of with a steam release valve to depressurise the device once the cooking cycle has finished.
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