Pack of 2 Rolling Hair Removers

Delivery Supplement:
  • Handy, pain-free tool plucks thousands of hairs in seconds!
  • Safe on face and intimate areas
  • No irritation to skin
Product Information
Save time spent with tweezers, harsh razors and sticky waxes, with this quick and discreet hair remover. Roll it over your neck, chin, cheeks and upper lip, and high-quality, stainless-steel coils gently, but firmly, grab even the finest facial hairs (thousands at a time), whisking them from the follicle to minimise future re-growth. Also safe on intimate areas without irritating skin. Set of two, one for bathroom, one for make-up bag. Each, H2.5 xW5 xL10cm.
Reviews (6)
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It does what it says 😊
By Helen,  05 Dec 2023
"Good And Bad"
It was very good for very short hairs but did not work on longer more established facial har So if the hair was visible it would not remove that hair I am still happy with the product though because I will use something else initially to remove the visible hairs then regularly use this what I purchased The Biggest problem is that it REALLY hurts
By Teresa,  07 Sep 2022
Picks up small soft hairs but doesn’t really pick up the thicker courser ones.
By Bea,  17 Sep 2022