Pack of 4 Battery Storage Boxes

Delivery Supplement:
  • Separate your AAs from your AAAs and your Cs from your Ds
  • Clear cases to keep batteries easily visible
  • 4 separate boxes with snap-shut fastening
Product Information
Separate your AA’s from your AAA’s and your C’s from your D’s, with this handy set of 4 battery boxes. Snap-shut plastic cases keep batteries visible, so you can see what you need without rummaging in drawers. 4 boxes, 1 each for: 12x AAA 8.6 x5.3 x2.8cm. 12x AA 11.6 x6.4 x3.2cm. 8x C 13 x6.7 x5.5m and 8x D 15.8 x7.6 x7.1cm. Batteries not included.
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