Password Book

Delivery Supplement:
  • Passwords, PINs and usernames in one easy, convenient place
  • Spiral hardback book with 144 indexed pages
  • Invisible ink that only shows up using the pen's built-in UV light
Product Information
Keep all your passwords, PINs and usernames in one easy, convenient place. Spiral hardback book has 144 indexed pages and comes with a FREE invisible ink pen for extra security – its ink only shows up using the pen’s built-in UV light. Book 14.5cm x11cm (53/4in x41/4in) with removable label to tuck it discreetly among your other books.
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I thought I would be able to see what I was writing and then it would fade but I couldn't see what I was writing. I wrote a few words and yes when shining the light on the page it showed up what I had written but there is no way I could write all my passwords without seeing what I was doing. So it proved useless.
By christine vale,  02 Feb 2019