Peat Free Multipurpose Compost 40L

Delivery Supplement:
  • A peat-free option for multipurpose use - from seedlings cuttings to potting on and baskets
  • Blended from composted cocofibre (coir); fine bark chippings sterilised organic matter
  • Topped up with starter feed of 5:6:10 NPK, plus some magnesium fertiliser too.
  • Convenience of being delivered to your door hassle free and mess free.
  • Supplied in large 40L bags
Product Information
For those looking for a peat-free potting compost, our multipurpose is carefully blended from a mix of composted coir (cocofibre), fine bark chippings for aeration, and a sterilised mixed organic green waste. This is then topped up with a 5:6:10 NPK fertiliser, plus 2.9% magnesium, which gives all plants a good start in life. The peat-free compost is fine enough for seedling and cutting use, yet coarse enough for general purpose potting on into tubs, baskets or pots. You may find this compost needs slightly less water than peat-based composts, otherwise treat them exactly the same.

Need to know

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