Pest Reach Insect Killer - Buy 2 & Save £6

Delivery Supplement:
  • Uses a 0.3W UV LED bulb to attract & then zap
  • Discreetly looks like a plug-in air freshener
  • On/off button & cleaning brush included
Product Information
You'd think it was just a plug-in air freshener, but this discreet unit is lethal to flies, mosquitoes and other flying summer pests. Solving the problem without swatting, sticky papers, noxious sprays and fumes or chemicals of any kind, the effective, low cost unit attracts light-sensitive flying insects using a 0.3W UV LED bulb then immediately zaps them on a high voltage metal grid. Costs just 0.04 pence an hour to run … less than a penny a day. H13cm. On/off button. Cleaning brush included.
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