Plant-O-Mat Allium Planting Kit

Delivery Supplement:
  • Perfect blend of pre-spaced and filled bulbs.
  • Get perfect results EVERY time because they are already expertly laid out within the Bulb Pods for you.
  • Perfect for dropping straight into larger pots (diameter 24cm (10') or more), or into the garden for circles of colour.
  • Full instructions are provided with each pack to ensure you get perfect results.
  • Supplied as a pre-positioned pack of 19 bulbs, in 24cm diameter circular shape pack, plant whole pack in pots or garden soil.
Product Information
Quick and easy to use, this Allium Drop in Bulb Kit will take the hassle out of planting your spring bulbs. This bulb pod contains a stunning mix of Allium Aflatunense bulbs and Allium Neapolitanum bulbs that will provide you with a gorgeous display of classic purple blooms and shorter white alliums. Made from a biodegradable packaging, these quick and easy to use Plant-o-Mat drop in pods will save you lots of time in the garden.
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