Portable Air Compressor

Delivery Supplement:
  • Keep your car tyres at the correct pressure
  • Stay safe on the road and reduce fuel bills
  • So easy to use – set desired pressure and tyre inflates automatically
  • Powered by rechargeable battery with no awkward cables
  • Use at home or keep in the car for emergencies
  • Includes adaptors for inflating air beds, toys, bicycle tyres and more
Product Information
Properly inflated tyres will last longer, perform more efficiently, keep you safer on the road and reduce your fuel bills too. But faced with busy garage forecourts and grubby, awkward air hoses we don’t always check our tyres as often as we should.This portable air compressor for cars and motorbikes makes it quick and easy to maintain correct tyre pressure without leaving home. Set the required pressure on the digital display and press the trigger. The compressor inflates your tyre, automatically turning off when the correct pressure is reached.The cordless portable compressor runs off its powerful supplied rechargeable battery, so you don’t have to worry about awkward tangled cables or finding a nearby mains socket while your car’s in the driveway. You can even keep the compressor in the boot of the car for longer road trips and emergencies.Comes supplied with three adaptors for inflating air beds, toys, bicycle tyres and more. Includes rechargeable battery, mains adaptor and 12v car adaptor.
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Not used it yet, still sorting out how to set the tyre pressure, but it is a sturdy useful item to have in your car.
By Mrs Eileen I Dean,  08 Jun 2022
This is very good
By Sandy Williams,  15 May 2022
"Portable Air Compressor."
Ordered this for my neighbour who doesn't have Internet. I found it very easy to order online, a simple process. The goods arrived a couple of days later which was impressive. The neighbour was very happy.
By Julie Coddington,  19 Jan 2022