Potato Grow Bag - Pack of 2

Delivery Supplement:
  • Grow Bags Ideal for planting a variety of potatoes and other vegetables
  • Perfect for use when garden space is limited
  • Easy Access via the side flap
  • Eco-Friendly and heat/cold resistant
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
Product Information
These Potato Grow Bags are ideal for planting a variety of potatoes when your outdoor gardening space is limited .The bags are designed with a side flap for easy access allowing you to quickly and accurately determine whether potatoes are ripe and ready for harvest , a drain hole at the bottom and a pair of durable handles so you can easily manoeuvre the bags when necessary.; Potato grow bags allow the roots to breathe sufficiently, prevent roots from circling and improve overall root structure, helping you to grow healthier plants and harvest larger yields! Suitable for indoor and outdoor planting, perfect for balconies, patios, gardens and other small spaces .The bags can also be used for a variety of other vegetables such as carrots, radish and onions .Made from PE material making them reusable, Eco-Friendly and heat/cold resistant.; Large 32L capacity.;;
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