Precision 28cm Shallow Casserole Dish

Delivery Supplement:
  • Made from high quality lightweight molten cast aluminium
  • Excellent food release and easy cleaning
  • Featuring Black Diamond non-stick coating
  • 7 times stronger than standard non-stick coating
  • Ultra durable stone coating free from PFOA lead and cadmium
Product Information
Bring the whole family together for a delicious meal cooked to perfection in this Tower Precision shallow casserole. You can use it to cook on the hob (poaching or stewing) or in the oven (roasting or slow cooking). The domed aluminium cast lid is designed to retain moisture during cooking to ensure perfect results. Made from cast aluminium the shallow casserole is lightweight, yet has robust properties that are strong and hardwearing. The internally applied Black Diamond non-stick coating is seven times stronger than any other coating. It prevents food from sticking, making for an effortless cooking experience. You can even use metal utensils without causing damage due to its high abrasion resistance. While suitable for use in the oven withstanding temperatures of up to 220C this shallow casserole can also be used in the fridge, the freezer and in the dishwasher.
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