Raspberry 'Black Jewel' (1.7L Pot)

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  • Produces heavy crops of delicious ebony coloured fruit in mid and late summer.
  • Has an incredibly aromatic flavour and aroma compared to normal raspberries.
  • Hardy and easy to grow.
  • Supplied as an established plant in a 1.7L pot.
Product Information
Finally, here is a black raspberry that's really worth a place in your garden and the fruits are just incredible!

You'll get a midsummer crop of ebony-coloured fruits with an intense flavour that is much more aromatic than regular raspberries and tests have shown that they are particularly high in health giving antioxidants. They are delicious eaten fresh and make a wonderful addition to juices and smoothies.

Originally from the US, Black Jewel is tough, and hardy so ideally suited to British conditions and very easy to grow. It's genetically different to normal raspberries and has excellent disease resistance, the habit is just like a summer fruiting type with berries borne on year old growth. Old canes should be pruned away after fruiting (in late summer). Grow with supports against a sunny wall or fence or alternatively in a large pot.

Supplied as an established plant in a 1.7L pot, ready to plant out. Please note, it is dormant in Winter, so is supplied without leaves Nov-March/April.

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