RIC Hearing Amplifiers (Pair)

Delivery Supplement:
  • Rechargeable hearing amplifiers with 16-hours battery life
  • 2-piece set for left and right ear
  • Low-noise rendering
  • Frequency range: 500 – 3200Hz
  • Max volume: 131 dB
Product Information
If you’re a little hard of hearing, day-to-day social environments can feel intimidating, and you may even find yourself avoiding them. This pair of hearing amplifiers from Beurer can give you confidence once again.
Sitting comfortably and discreetly behind your ears, these amplifiers can help brings sounds and conversation to the forefront for easier hearing, amplifying by 53dB.
Using RIC technology with the speaker sitting directly within the ear, you can enjoy clear sound once again.
The set is rechargeable by USB with a charging time of 7-10 hours. They come with 3 different earplug attachments for an individual fit to your ear canal and is simple to use, so you can go about your social life with a little more confidence.
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