Rose Mary Berry (3L Potted)

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  • This stunning honey-cream rose has been named in honour of the well known cook Mary Berry
  • Each flower blooms in a large classical shape, opening from rounded plump buds
  • The Mary Berry rose produces a good perfume that can only be from a fabulously scented tea rose variety
  • Repeat Flowering and happy in all soil types
  • Supplied as a freshly potted Rose in a 3 litre pot, ready to plant out.
Product Information
A stunning Hybrid Tea rose with honey cream coloured flowers with large with a classical shape, opening from rounded plump buds. This rose has a strong scent that can only be from a Tea rose. With dark leathery foliage and a strong bush that supports the large flowers well.Supplied as a freshly potted, professional quality plant in a 3L pot.Care InformationTo prune, just remove any dead, dying, damaged and diseased stems and also deadhead regularly.When pruning, make sure that your secateurs are clean and sharp to prevent squashing stems and introducing disease.Add mycorrhizal fungi to the roots when planting to help the plant establish quicker.Roses can be planted at any time of the year, as long as the soil is not frozen, waterlogged or drought-dry.Plant your rose where it can get plenty of sun for at least half of the day, and where it will be sheltered from the wind.Roses tolerate wide range of soils but thrive in deep, humus-rich, moist but well-drained soil, so add plenty of well-rotted manure into the hole if necessary and plant so that the graft union (the swollen area when the stems meet the roots) is around 3cm below soil level.Water well every other day - daily if the weather is hot and dry.Established roses can be watered around once a week through spring and summer - more if the weather is hot.For best results, feed roses in late-March/April and again in late July.

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