Scardy Cat (Coleus Canina) plug x 12

Delivery Supplement:
  • This unusual plant acts as a natural deterrent to cats.
  • This plant is a member of the mint family and produces a scent that cats find offensive.
  • Useful but also attractive with neat green leaves and pale blue flowers.
  • Drought tolerant and easy to grow - ideal for a sunny spot in pots or borders.
  • Supplied as 12 jumbo plug plants.
Product Information
This unusual plant will help deter cats and other unwanted pests from entering and fouling your garden. Coleus Canina works by emitting an odour that cats in particular find incredibly offensive and therefore disappear back out of your gate or over the fence! It will be at its most effective when planted in a sunny spot, because the odour gets stronger the hotter the leaves become - fortunately the odour is barely obvious to humans! Coleus Canina is incredibly easy to grow and will thrive on a high degree of neglect because it is a naturally drought tolerant plant. It even has the added bonus of producing attractive blue flowers during the summer months and in to early autumn.

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