Set of 2 Rope Doorstops

Delivery Supplement:
  • Avoiding slamming doors and trapped fingers
  • Allows for a breeze and pets to move freely
  • Set of 2
Product Information
Besides their attractive look, these natural cotton Rope Doorstops have a lot to recommend them. Avoiding slamming doors and trapped fingers without taking up floor space or creating a trip hazard, the loop-ended hangers hold doors ajar so a breeze can still circulate and pets can move about freely. Set of 2, each L72cm with plush trim. Made of 65% cotton/35% polyester.
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Just moved into a 1st floor apartment with fire doors that spring closed as soon as you let them go, resulting in a sharp bang which would be very annoying for our neighbours below us(and probably above). With the ropes in place on the doors this problem has ceased. The doors still close quickly but the ropes make it just a gentle thud. So so pleased with them and they look attractive as well.
By Jennifer Procter,  09 Dec 2023
"No More Slamming Doors"
I have been looking for something like these for a long time, snapped them up quickly. Saves getting stuck in a room when the door slams. Would buy again.
By Mrs Sheila Short,  01 Dec 2023
These door stops are perfect we sleep with window open at night and these have stopped us being woken up because of windy weather also perfect for stopping trapped fingers from grandchildren
By Anonymous,  03 Oct 2023