Simple ways and ideas to add light to your outdoor space.

Here are some simple and effortless ways to add light to your garden, making it more inviting and enjoyable in the evenings:

Solar-Powered Solutions:

  • Solar Path Lights: Line your walkways and driveways with solar path lights. These require no wiring and come in a range of styles to suit your taste. They provide gentle illumination and improve safety after dark.
Solar Stake Lights Set of 12
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  • Solar Spotlights: Want to highlight a unique feature like a tree or statue? Place solar spotlights around your garden. They are easy to install and provide focused light without needing an electrical outlet.
Prima Solar Spotlight - 4 Pack
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  • Solar String Lights: Drape solar string lights across fences, pergolas, or even over trees. They come in assorted colours and styles, adding a whimsical touch, and creating a magical ambiance in the evenings.
200 LED Solar String Lights Warm White Multi-Coloured 40-LED Solar Diamond String Lights
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Creative Candlelight:

  • Lanterns and Candles: Hang lanterns or place citronella candles on your patio for a warm and inviting glow. Citronella candles also have the added benefit of repelling mosquitos.
Cat Ornament with Solar Lantern Citronella Parasol Tealight Holder
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  • Tea Lights: Line walkways or flower beds with tea lights in glass holders for a charming, fairytale-like effect.
Pack of 12 Battery Tea Lights
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Reflective Touches:

  • Mirrors: Strategically placed mirrors can reflect sunlight into shady areas, brightening them up during the day. They can also create the illusion of a larger space.
70cm Arched Garden Mirror
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  • Light-Coloured Stones or Mulch: Using light-coloured stones or mulch in pathways or around planters reflects light and helps brighten up dark corners.
Lawn Edging Pack Cobbled Stone Pack 10
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Fire and Ambiance:

  • Fire Pits and Chimeneas: Create a cozy atmosphere with a fire pit or chimenea. These provide warmth, light, and a focal point for gathering and enjoying your garden on cooler evenings.
Black Ball Metal Fire Pit - Dia 44cm Grande Clasico Chimenea
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Creative touches:

  • Fairy lights: String these tiny lights in trees, bushes, or drape them over pergolas for a magical, enchanted look.
30 Flower Firefly Solar String Lights Solar Ivy Leaf Curtain Light
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  • Lanterns: Hang decorative lanterns around your patio or deck or place them on tables for a warm ambiance.
Solar Stake Lights Crystal Set of 4 - Multicoloured Solar Stake Lights Crystal Set of 4 - Multicoloured
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  • Glow sticks: Fill empty glass bottles or jars with glow sticks or copper wire lights (choose eco-friendly options) for a fun and funky touch, especially for evening gatherings.
Copper Wire LEDs
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  • Layering: Combine different lighting types for a more dynamic and visually interesting effect.
  • Solar-powered options: Consider solar lights for an eco-friendly and low-maintenance solution.
  • Style: Choose lighting that complements your overall outdoor space's style.

Think Light When Choosing Decor:

  • Light-Coloured Furniture: Opt for light-coloured furniture and decor on your patio or seating area. Light colours reflect more light, making the space feel brighter and airier.
6-Piece Summer Meadow Table & Chair Set with Parasol
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