Sitwalk the LegEX Circulation Leg Exerciser

Delivery Supplement:
  • Improves circulation
  • Passive exercise machine
  • Keep your joints active
  • Pacemaker friendly
  • Seated Exercise
Product Information
The Sitwalk LegEX is a passive exercise machine that encourages good circulation, and joint mobility. It can be used from the comfort of your chair or sofa, improving your range of motion and circulation whilst you are working, reading or watching TV. Getting up and walking around is something most people take for granted but if you are struggling with your mobility due to injury, illness or problems with your joints, the SitWalk can help you get back on your feet.

How it works: Passive exercise is a simple and effective way to keep your legs active and maintain joint mobility and stimulates blood flow. The SitWalk is specifically designed to increase the range of motion and improve circulation by using gentle repetitive back and forth movement without putting too much strain on the body. The device is ideal for anyone having both short term and long term mobility issues including people recovering from leg or knee surgery (We always recommend consulting a healthcare professional to ensure that this device will be safe for you to use).

Important Information: Never stand on the device as this could cause injury.
Never expose the device to water or liquids and only use the device in a dry clean area.
Keep fingers away from moving parts at all times.
If you have any issues whilst using the SitWalk, stop immediately. If you experience pain or discomfort whilst using the device, please consult a doctor.
Keep away from children. Intended for adult use only
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