Slug Bagz™ Pack of 6

Delivery Supplement:
  • Attract & kill slugs & snails naturally & effectively
  • Easy to use, simply fill with beer. Snails are naturally attracted to the smell of beer
  • Can be washed & re-used or simply discarded
  • No chemicals or poisons - Will not harm children, pets or the garden
  • Size (each): 20 x 24 cm. Pack of 6.
Product Information
A safe and effective solution to unwanted slugs & snails in the garden. No need for poisons so safe to use around pets, children and edible crops. Washable & reusable or empty and recycle. Simply fill with beer to attract Slugs & Snails. Position in the garden near plants/ shrubs & empty & refill as required. Slugs are naturally attracted to beer, alternatively yeast & water can be used.
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