Slug Pub Slug & Snail Trap Pack of 2

Delivery Supplement:
  • Simply bury into the garden out of sight & fill with beer or yeast & water
  • No chemicals or poisons - Will not harm children, pets or the garden
  • Blends easily into the garden
  • Made in the UK using durable materials
  • Size at the top: 16.5cm, size at the bottom: 9.5cm, height: 13cm
Product Information
Keep your garden slug & snail free, without the need for harmful chemicals and poisons. This discrete trap will blend into borders and flower beds providing an effective solution to slugs & snails that is safe to use around children, pets and edible crops. Once submerged into the ground and filled with lager, this slug pub will become slugs' & snails' favourite destination, keeping them away from your crops and plants. A safe and very effective method of controlling slugs & snails.
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