Solar 2-in-1 Bird Repeller

Delivery Supplement:
Pest Reach
  • Position near the problem area and let it go to work
  • Solar-powered harmless ultrasonic waves
  • Holographic spinners reflect the sun making them take flight
Product Information
Bothersome birds pecking at your plants or leaving messy droppings on cars and sheds? Dismiss them naturally (and cost-free) with a little help from our 2-in-1 bird repeller! Position near the problem and let it go to work. Charged with solar power, it senses any movement nearby, triggering harmless ultrasonic waves that birds dislike (silent to humans) whilst the holographic spinners reflect the sun making them take flight. Effective range, approx 7-8m, 100 degree. 3x AAA mAh batteries (included). W7.6 x L7.6 x H54cm.
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