Solar Garden Female Light Up Owl

Delivery Supplement:
  • Solar Garden Ornament
  • Beautiful and Quirky Design
  • Lights up your garden and lawn at night
  • Recharges during daylight hours - fully solar powered
  • Cute animal design
Product Information
Our names are Hattie and Ophelia, we are beautiful and quirky solar garden ornaments, we're a little bit special thanks to our solar lights which will brighten up your garden and lawn at night, we are so economical, our lights charge up during the day by absorbing sunlight, aren't we clever. We're very charming ornaments painted in beautiful, vibrant colours and we will enhance the look of any garden whether it be day or night, you will be the envy of your neighbours thanks to us. Our bodies are made from durable resin making us waterproof and able to withstand harsh weather when placed outdoors, we really don't mind the rain. We don't know if you know this but we're part of a collection, check out our family members Bella, Rosalie, Olive, Ruby and Frankie; their work names are XEV36 BER, XEV36 RAB, XEV36 OWL, XEV36 HAR and XEV36 FOX.
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