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Solar Garden Lights
Our comprehensive range of solar garden lights has been put together to allow you to expertly enhance the look, feel and appeal of your garden. With more than 30 garden lighting solutions in the Coopers of Stortford collection, we have everything you might need to transform your outside space and ensure that it reflects your personality and sense of personal style. So, whether you're looking to create a colourful entertaining space or establish an area of serenity that offers a distinctly calming ambience, we've got options that will really give your garden the WOW factor! Solar garden lights are an ideal way to introduce colour and flashes of illumination to your outside space. As the natural light from the sun will charge the internal battery during the day, you won't need to worry about hiding long, unsightly wires from view or ensuring your lights are positioned within reach of a socket. This offers an additional level of versatility, allowing you to place your lights anywhere your heart desires. As soon as the sun starts to set and the muted light of dusk cascades over your garden, your outdoor solar lights will spring into life using the energy stored in their battery to illuminate your garden. Choose lights that will envelop your garden in a warm candlelight glow to create an outside space that is tailor-made for relaxation after a long and busy day. Alternatively, position colour changing lights around your garden to create a fun and vibrant ambience that is ideal for entertaining. Our range of stake lights can be used to mark a path or create an eye-catching feature in your garden. If you're keen to introduce a subtle glow to your outside space, choose a selection of small animal-shaped outdoor lights. Squirrel, hedgehog and bird solar garden lights can give your space personality and introduce an additional layer of life charm and vivacity. We also have a selection of tree and flower-inspired outdoor lighting solutions that will add to the natural foliage in your garden, giving additional texture and movement. Peppering your flowerbeds with flower-shaped stake lights will allow you to enjoy the colour and texture of your favourite flowers, even as darkness starts to fall. Alternatively, if you want to create an outdoor snug area that you will want to spend as much of your free time as possible enjoying, a few carefully positioned solar lanterns can help you to create your desired ambience with ease. You could even carefully wrap a garland or firefly light around a tree to create a wonderful feature that will sing out regardless as to whether it's day or night. Or hang delicate hanging solar lights from branches to create a cosy, romantic atmosphere. We've even got gorgeous garden ornaments that have solar lights cleverly embedded into the design, which ensures they can be admired whenever you want to spend time outside. So, with something to suit every style and budget, solar garden lights are an accessible and delightful way to refresh your outside space and really make it into an area you want to spend all your time enjoying. Spending time outside is good for our overall wellbeing and connecting with nature can be an extraordinarily powerful experience as it gives us time to hit the pause button and take a well-deserved break from our busy lives. We even provide solar lights embedded into water fountains and bird baths to help you create a calming and relaxing atmosphere in your garden. You deserve an outside space that you can be proud of, whether you want to enjoy the peace and quiet of a few moments alone or share every second with your loved ones in a place that is both a comfortable and an inviting place to be.