Solar Pagoda Water Feature

Delivery Supplement:
  • Solar Powered - Zero running costs – Easy Installation
  • Doubles up as a bird bath
  • Modelled on classic Buddhist architecture
Product Information
Bring a touch of Zen to your garden with this stunning Solar Pagoda Water Feature

The grey stone effect feature sends water trickling from the top tier of the pagoda-shaped column to the second tier below, creating a tranquil and peaceful feel in your outdoor space. Relax and unwind in your favourite spot against the ambient backdrop of the sound of gently cascading water.

With its simple and beautiful shape modelled on classic Buddhist architecture, this water feature can help you create the perfect outdoor spot for meditation, contemplation or yoga. This versatile double drop feature can also double up as a bird bath so you will be able to look on in delight as our feathered friends take a dip in the cool waters.

The Solar Pagoda Water Feature uses only the power of the sun, meaning there is no time-consuming installation, wiring or plumbing to worry about. It also means the water feature, which is made from durable but lightweight polyresin, can be easily installed in and moved around your garden. A solar panel nestles subtly in the very top of the column to harness the power of direct sunlight and pump water up through the column before sending it spilling out into the second tier of the classic pagoda shape. The self-contained feature is unique and contemporary and is a low maintenance and easy way to change your garden's look and feel instantly.

Unique yet simple in its design. All you need to do is place it in your patio, balcony or garden, add water and enjoy its contemporary aesthetic and soothing sounds whenever the sun shines.

Dimensions: H72 xW47 x D47cm