Solar Water Feature & Birdbath

Delivery Supplement:
  • Create a tranquil atmosphere with a classical touch of charm
  • Doubles up as a traditional birdbath
  • Powered with solar energy
Product Information
Add a classical touch of charm to any garden, patio or outdoor space with this stunning Umbrella Water Feature.

The water feature's calm and constant trickle of water will create a tranquil atmosphere in any garden. Doubling up as a traditional birdbath, this stone-look water feature also provides a welcoming haven for birds looking to stop for a drink of water. The feature is comprised of a classical style, columned base and is adorned by two children who sit atop the stand.

These delightful figurines are of a boy and girl, who sit alongside their dog. Huddled together, they appear to be taking shelter from the rain beneath the umbrella. The water used for the feature is fed up through the centre of the stand and emits through the top of the umbrella. The water then trickles gently down and off the umbrella to create a continual and calming rain effect.

The feature is built with sustainability in mind and recycles water through its hidden water reservoir system. The fountain is also powered with solar energy, thanks to two small, integrated solar panels that are located at the top of the feature. Made from a durable, weatherproof resin, the Umbrella Water Feature is finished in grey to create a truly striking stone-like appearance.

The water feature is easy to place in your chosen outdoor space as no wiring, plumbing or installation is necessary. Simply choose the perfect spot in your garden for this charming water feature and instantly enjoy the tranquil sound of trickling water, which is constantly recycled. As well as those looking to add a gentle water feature to their garden, it is also ideal for bird lovers looking to attract visitors to their garden.

Measurements: H54.6cm x W55cm