Solar Water Feature Barrel & Pump

Delivery Supplement:
  • Solar Powered - Zero running costs
  • 3 integrated LEDs render this the perfect garden centrepiece
  • 3m long weatherproof cable - pick the perfect spot for your feature
  • Powerful JT-180 pump delivers steady flow of water
  • Weather and rot proof
Product Information
This cleverly designed solar powered water feature is designed to add a rustic feel to your outdoor space. Consisting of three tiers, water cascades from the traditional style water pump down into and overflowing out of the small oak cask style barrels beneath, all contained within a larger barrel which is beautifully cut away to display the smaller barrels inside. With three LED lights included, this solar powered barrel and pump water feature emits a gentle glow of light, illuminating it at night time, rendering it the perfect garden centrepiece as you will be able to enjoy it night and day.

Entirely powered by solar energy, this lovely water feature comes complete with its own 9V 2.8W monocrystalline solar panel which attaches via a 3m long weatherproof cable to allow for discrete siting within your garden or outdoor space. The solar panel is attached to a stake to ensure it remains firmly situated where you want it to be, and the cable is sturdy enough to be covered by matting or stones to reduce the likelihood of trips and falls. For best effect, ensure that the solar panel is sited in direct sunlight.

This lovely water feature has a powerful JT-180 pump which delivers a constant and steady flow of water. This provides a soothing and tranquil ambience to your outdoor space as well as providing a fresh water supply for garden birds. Environmentally friendly and energy efficient, the solar powered barrel and pump water feature is an impressive H55cm high and is made from specially designed resin-coated ABS plastic, making it easy to maintain and clean, and entirely weather and rot proof.

Measurements: H55 x W24.5 X D 24cm