Solar Water Feature Heywood Mill

Delivery Supplement:
  • Easy to install, no cables or plugs
  • Solar Powered - Zero running costs
  • Features time and water filter
  • Use indoors with optional AC adaptor
Product Information
Turn your garden into a peaceful hideaway with the realistic brick effect Heywood Mill solar water feature.

The Heywood Mill water feature is ultra-easy to install and it comes with the added benefit of a separate solar panel. The water pump turns the wheel, creating a mesmerising and relaxing effect.

This charming solar water feature delivers total relaxation in an engaging, traditional design. Formed from durable polyresin to create a realistic stone and brick effect, the solar-powered Heywood Mill captures and miniaturises the essence of a simpler time in which water was used to power agricultural and milling activities.

Housed in its durable brick effect casing, the solar-powered pump harnesses the power of the sun to drive the water wheel, creating a serene and captivating effect, accompanied by the gentle sounds of trickling water. At 51 cm in height and 40 cm in width, this piece will fit into most spaces, whether on a compact urban patio or in grander locations.

This enchanting garden decoration runs entirely on the sun's rays. Its separate solar panel with a 2-metre cable ensures that it can be placed anywhere on either soft or hard surfaces. This offers additional flexibility in that you can move the Heywood Mill solar water feature wherever you need it and position the solar panel to capture the sun to maximum effect. The built-in battery automatically stores power so that you will be able to enjoy this water feature even on cloudy days.

The quality craftsmanship of this piece and the carefully selected materials used in its construction will ensure that it lasts for many years to come. This delightful water feature will charm your guests and give you hours of contemplative pleasure. Transform your outdoor space with this beautiful focal point.

Measurements: H51 xW40 xD31cm