Solar Water Feature Wishing Well

Delivery Supplement:
  • Highly detailed
  • No wiring
  • Hardwearing, frost and shower resistant
Product Information
The Solar Wishing Well Water Feature will add a charming and whimsical feel to your garden.

With its traditional shape, this water feature looks as though it has come straight off the pages of a magical fairytale or children's story. Add it to your garden to create an idyllic, country scene that will delight grown-ups and children alike. The highly detailed garden feature gently cascades water from a bucket into the well below. What could be better than relaxing in your favourite deckchair on a sunny day while this stunning water feature creates the peaceful, soothing and ambient background noise of gently trickling water?

Harnessing only the power of the sun, the Solar Wishing Well Water Feature has no wiring, so there is no need for time-consuming mains installation. It also means this beautiful and atmospheric piece is easy to move to different spots around your garden. It is designed to work in direct sunlight, thanks to a solar panel that has been subtly installed within the roof of the wishing well.

This solar panel powers a solar pump inside the bowl and allows the same water to be constantly recirculated around the feature. Made from resin, this water feature is hardwearing, frost and shower resistant. It is a very low maintenance feature, giving you more time to enjoy its soothing sound as you relax in your garden.

Enormous attention to detail has been given to this intricate solar water feature, from the charming painted red and brown brick effect of the round well, to the wooden grain of the bucket suspended above it and the frayed edges of the rope holding it in place. Nestle this water feature among your plants and flowers to create a magical atmosphere and enthral visitors to your garden.

Dimensions: H56xW35xD32cm