Soothing Sounds Machine

Delivery Supplement:
  • Calming and therapeutic sounds of nature
  • Creates and relaxed and reassuring environment
  • Helps to block out snoring, neighbours, traffic and barking
Product Information
Anyone who struggles to drift off will love the soothing power of sound therapy. Close your eyes and let the calming sounds of nature gently lull you to sleep. Their calming, therapeutic effects create a relaxed and reassuring environment, as well as blocking out distracting background noises, such as snoring, neighbours, traffic and dogs. Set the auto/off timer to 15, 30 or 45 minutes. Can also be used with wired headphones (not incl). Powered by USB cable or 3x AAA batteries (not included). Dia.12.5cm. D4.6cm.
Reviews (22)
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"Doesn'T Sound Natural"
Most of the sounds contain a water element, but none sound natural, more like running a bath or swirling bathwater around with a loofah! The jungle sounds contains water as a background and a bird tweeting. I could have recorded an identical sound in my own garden as there was nothing tropical about it: - no screeching parrots or birds of paradise, no monkeys chattering as they swing from tree to tree, no bellowing of buffaloes or trumpeting of elephants. All I got was a chirrup of a small garden bird. Apart from which, as all the water noises sound homemade, after listening to it for 10minutes, my urge to visit the loo was great. The Grandchildren love it so it's now in my spare room ready for their next sleepover.
By Nannykins,  21 Apr 2022
"Useful And Better Than Expected."
Only tried it so far to check its working. Expect it to be useful when young grandchildren stay.
By Anonymous,  19 Mar 2022
"Love It"
My daughter loves it. Plays it every night, it’s soothing for the dog too!
By Anonymous,  01 Feb 2022