Standard Photinia 'Little Red Robin' Tree (70-80cm Tall, 3L Pot)

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  • A perfect evergreen (well ever-red really!) for year round colour and impact on a classic shape
  • Photinia is a very tough and hardy shrub, and this new selection 'Little Red Robin' is perfect as a standard
  • New Spring shoots grow brightest red for a truly magical appearance, fading to burgundy red and green
  • Perfect in large pots on the patio or as feature plants in a border
  • Supplied 0.7-0.8 cm tall inc pot in a 3L pot, ready to plant out all year
Product Information
Photinia is an enduringly popular evergreen shrub often used in hedging, grown for its stunning leaves that are dazzling red when they emerge. ‘Little Red Robin’ is a more compact variety, and this spectacular standard form takes full advantage of fabulous foliage to give you are superb, eye catching specimen tree. With smaller leaves than its bigger relative, it has an even bolder and brighter red glow as the new leaves emerge and throughout the summer. What's more, in this stylish lollipop standard form, it's even more of a year-round focal point and feature too. Expertly crafted over 4 years, ‘Little Red Robin’ is easy to maintain with a simple trim to shape each autumn and occasionally through the growing season to keep it in shape. Grow in full sun for best red foliage colour and it will glow on those long summer nights. Whilst it will fade to darker green somewhat over winter, it retains a mix of red tones all year.Great as a specimen growing in a large pot or for adding formal height to a border, they also look great in pairs either side of a door or path. Supplied as a standard tree, 70-80 cm tall in 3L pot, with 50cm clear stem. Growing to a height of 1.5 m and spread of 1.2 m, dependant on pruning.

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