Stick-On Bifocals 2.5x Strength

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  • Versatile to any type of glasses
  • Ideal for close up tasks, hobbies and reading
Product Information
Transform any pair of sunglasses into instant bifocals.

Add 2.5+ optical magnification to any eyewear! These silicone, stick-on bifocals instantly turn blurry words into sharp, legible text at the perfect reading distance. Ideal for close up tasks, hobbies, reading documents, medicines, menus and more. Peel off after use – no scratching or damaging. Each, W3 x D1.7cm.
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"Too Small"
A good idea in theory, but too small and fiddly in practice. I wanted these to be able to read with my sunglasses. But they are very small and don't fill the lens. It took a lot of trial and error to get them in the right place. Not very practical. Sorry, I would not buy again.
By ISABEL DUCKER,  24 Aug 2023