Swan 6L Retro Manual Air Fryer - Cream

Delivery Supplement:
  • A healthy way to fry food
  • Built-in safe start sensor ensures your safety
  • Uses little to no oil for up to 80 percent less fat
  • Generous 6 litre basket capacity for 3kg worth of food
  • Removable pan and non-stick cooking tray included
Product Information
Want the delicious taste of fried foods but much healthier? The Swan Retro Manual Air Fryer uses little to no oil when frying food for the same great taste with up to 80 per cent less fat. This air fryer combines style and functionality with its cool retro-inspired design it makes a beautiful addition to any kitchen. Its generous 6 litre capacity means you can fry enough food for the whole family, quickly and easily. The chrome Swan knobs allows you to choose your temperature and time, so you can cook a variety of foods with little effort. The auto-stop function and count-down memory allow you to keep an eye on your frying by pulling out the pan, and once you place it back in, it picks up where it left off. The built-in safe start sensor means the fryer won't work unless the pan is in and placed properly, ensuring your safety. It's so simple and easy to use! The pan can be removed and inside is a detachable non-stick cooking tray for easy serving of food and quick cleaning.
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