Swan Dirtmaster Crossover Cordless Polisher and Washer

Delivery Supplement:
  • 45 Minutes battery
  • 200ml Tank
  • Cordless Design
  • Dual Rotating reusable pads
  • Polish wash function
Product Information
Upgrade your cleaning game with Swan's cordless polisher and washer combo tool. Its cordless design gives you the freedom to reach every corner and crevice in your home. Its handle is also detachable for extra manoeuvrability and reach. The Swan cordless polisher and washer has 60-minutes of power when fully charged, so you dont have to panic about running out of battery mid-clean. The cordless design ensures maximum manoeuvrability all around the home, for complete ease of cleaning with no long, messy cords to hold you back. The Swan cleaner is perfect for use all around your home, on floor and wall tiles, wood panels, and laminate flooring. It comes equipped with interchangeable and reusable dual-rotating pads, specially designed for the task at hand. There are blue pads for cleaning and yellow pads for polishing. When they're dirty, they just need to be popped in the wash, and they're ready for next time.
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