The Pipe Python Drain Detangler +2 Replacement Heads

Delivery Supplement:
  • Unblocks any plughole or drain in seconds without chemicals
  • Specially-designed bristle head spins, tangles and pulls out hair and scum
  • Arrives ready-to-use with a L15cm head attached
Product Information
You’ll be amazed at what comes out of your plughole with the Pipe Python Drain Detangler. Fitting into the tiniest gaps, the super-narrow device snakes down pipes. Then, using a simple crank mechanism, its unique bristle-head rotates, tangling together the smallest bits of debris, hair and scum and hoicking them out of the drain. Arrives ready-to-use with a L15cm head attached, plus 2 replacement heads (1x L31cm and 1x L46.8cm). H10.5 xW1.5 xL53cm. Also available, pack of 4 Replacement Heads (4 x L46.8cm)