Toenail Soft™ - Buy 2 & Save £5

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  • Softens nails overnight for easier cutting
  • Gently softens the toughest toenails
  • No need for a chiropodist
Product Information
Simply applying Toenail Soft™ to your toenails before bedtime allows the delicately fragranced 60% aloe-rich formulation to get to work penetrating your nails so that by morning they are soft, supple and easy to trim … giving you more comfort and helping to prevent painful in-growing toenails. Long-lasting 28g tube.
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"Great Product"
Looking forward to using this cream soon. It will help a lot.
By Hilary Cowperthwaite,  03 Apr 2024
Product did exactly what it was supposed to do. After one application nails were soft enough to cut the following morning.
By Malcolm Girling,  03 Sep 2023
"It Works!"
It took three applications to soften my nails. No more holes in my socks.
By Carol Buckland,  06 Jul 2023