Tyre Shape 250Psi Air Compressor

Delivery Supplement:
  • Quick inflation
  • Thumb lock adaptor
Product Information
This 250 PSI analogue air compressor is perfect for inflating tyres on cars, vans and motorcycles. It is also suitable for inflating balls, toys, mattresses and other inflatables.

It comes with an analogue pressure gauge display that allows you to read air pressure in either PSI or BAR.

The air compressor is easy-to-use. Simply plug the compressor into your vehicle’s 12V socket and connect the air hose to your vehicle’s tyre or other inflatable item (using one of the supplied nozzles) and begin inflation by flicking the switch.

Supplied with three nozzle adaptors for multi-purpose use.

* Analogue display
* 2.8m (9’4’) 12V Power Cable
* Air Flow rate 18L/min
* Thumb lock adaptor
* Include 3 adaptors for multi-purpose use
* Supplied with manual
* Suitable for inflating equipment that requires up to 250PSI
* Can inflate an average-sized tyre from flat in 8 minutes.
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