Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor with easyClip™ Cuff

Delivery Supplement:
  • easyClip™ cuff adjustable to fit arm circumference 22cm – 42cm
  • Illuminated XL display
  • Alerts you to incorrect use
  • Includes storage bag
  • Battery powered (4x 1.5v AA batteries inc.)
Product Information
Having a blood pressure monitor to hand at home can give you real peace of mind. This blood pressure monitor from Beurer is ideal for its accuracy and ease of use.
What makes this blood pressure monitor a real innovation, it the easyClip™ upper arm cuff. No more fighting with wrap-around cuffs, this one clips into place for an easy and accurate reading every time. Once in position, the cuff inflates and deflates automatically at the push of a button and begins taking your vitals immediately for fast results.
Your blood pressure reading is shown on the large, illuminated display along with the date and time. It then indicates how your reading sits on the World Health Organisation (WHO) Risk Indicator, measuring you on a simple colour-coded scale and will alert you to any possible arrhythmia.
This digital blood pressure monitor offers 2 user profiles, each with a capacity to hold up to 100 readings and can determine your average result to help with ongoing health monitoring.
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