UV-C Sterilising Lamp

Delivery Supplement:
  • 20 second sterilisation
  • USB rechargeable
  • Pocket sized
Product Information
Pop this handy, rechargeable high-frequency UV-C sterilising wand into your pocket or handbag for reassurance when you’re out and about. A quick 20-second wave over any unhygienic surface kills 99% of germs and bacteria by destroying nucleic acids and disrupting their DNA. Ideal in bathrooms and kitchens, and on surfaces such as phones, wallets, purses and more. USB rechargeable battery (incl.). 4-hour run time per charge. 1x UVC light. 2x UVA light. L12 x W3.5 x D2cm.
Reviews (3)
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"Uv In Miniature"
This pocket sized lamp is so handy for mask maintenance. It could be used to reduce bugs prior to getting it into a carrying case prior to washing, and to boost cleanliness after ironing. It might be quite an effort to boost germ warfare to hotel pillows - bur we will at least try. As stated, good to check hard surfaces.
By Diana Chalmers,  26 Aug 2020
"It Does Work But How Effective"
I tested this device further and I can confirm that it does indeed emit UV-C. The dosage is quite low so I do wonder how effective it is for a scan of only 20 seconds duration. I will continue to use it though whilst extending the scan period.
By Sam,  13 Jan 2021
"Not Sure About This Product"
This is a handy unit but I am rather doubtful that it is working as it has failed the tests that I have done. It doesn't appear to be emitting UV-C so either faulty or possibly not designed to do the job.
By Graham Seymour,  29 Sep 2020