Vibration Plate

Delivery Supplement:
  • Helps to tone and improve balance and posture
  • Stimulates muscles at 30-50 contractions a second
  • 99 intensity levels with display and remote control
Product Information
Originally designed for Russian cosmonauts in the 1960s to help maintain muscle mass whilst at zero-gravity, vibration technology is now standard in many British gyms.

Gentle and effective for anyone new to exercise, our vibration plate is also a terrific substitute for high impact activities like running or weight training. By stimulating muscles at 30-50 contractions a second, it strengthens and tones as well as improving balance and posture – and even helps to lose weight.

Choose from 99 intensity levels and set the timer from 1-20 minutes with the display panel and buttons – or use the handy remote control (2x AAA batteries, not included). Add upper body exercises with 2x resistance bands (included) if you wish. W68 x D39 x H13cm. Not recommended during pregnancy or for anyone with cardiovascular conditions.