Vitax Hydrangea Feed (1kg)

Delivery Supplement:
  • More abundant blooms of high-quality flowers
  • Improves plant health, quality and vitality.
  • For vivid flower colour and rich green foliage.
  • Contains three major nutrients essential for healthy growth
  • Supplied as a 1kg pack - please note will not change the colour of the flowers
Product Information
Use Hydrangea Feed to create the maximum visual impact in your garden. Hydrangea Feed contains the 3 major nutrients essential for healthy growth plus added magnesium to encourage abundant, vibrant flowers.

Directions for Use:
Apply when planting as a soil conditioner and as a topdressing in the spring. Rake, hoe or fork into the top surface of the soil, and in dry weather, water well for maximum benefit.

When Planting:
Mix between 70-140g (2-4oz) with the soil for backfilling, depending on the size of the plant.

As a top dressing:
Apply 70g per sqm (2oz per sq. yard) evenly over the area covered by the canopy of the plant in early spring. Apply a second dressing after 6-8 weeks.

Read all directions carefully before use.
Store the fertiliser in a dry place away from children, pets and foodstuffs.
Wash hands after use.
Avoid fertiliser lodging in the leaves or stems of the plants.
Brush up any spills
Hydrangea Feed is not designed to change the colour of your hydrangeas. To achieve vibrantly coloured flowers, use a specially formulated hydrangea colourant.

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