Vytabike Elliptical Bike

Delivery Supplement:
  • 5 exercise speeds
  • Low impact exercise
  • Motorised & assisted exercise
  • For leg strength & circulation
  • Includes remote control
Product Information
Exercise, strengthen, tone and burn calories whilst seated, with our motorised seated elliptical trainer. Designed to promote “active sitting”, this motorised leg exerciser is easy and comfortable to use from your sofa or under your desk. Please note: This device is for use whilst seated only. Standing on the device may cause damage to the footplates. Remote requires CR-2025 battery (not included)

The Electric Elliptical Bike is ideal for people with no or limited mobility that want to exercise their legs. The passive movement created by the Elliptical Bike will work your leg muscles and stimulate blood flow which then improves circulation and overall leg strength.

How to use the Elliptical Bike:
Place your feet on the pedals, choose your speed setting setting from 1-5 using the touch screen panel or remote control and the elliptical bike will begin moving.
Off you go! Adjust your speed and exercise pattern using the easy read touch screen or remote. Compact and easily portable, this machine is perfect for all levels of fitness and mobility. Aiding circulation from assisted exercise this machine is particularly good for those who find it hard to move around but want to keep active.

The Elliptical Bike has forward and backward pedal motions, quiet operation and an easy to read, touch screen for choosing a speed and setting the timer. The pedals are extra wide, so that it can be used with all sized feet and shoes and a rubber grip for stability.

L40 x W35 x D27cm
Weight – 7.3kg
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