Walkabout Thermafleece - Jet

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WalkAbout Jet ThermaFleece. Thermafleece Pull On Dog Jumper. When worn next to the skin our resilient lightweight fleece both keeps the weather out and allows excess body heat to escape. Any moisture will quickly dry away. The lightweight fleece material is the best wicking medium, and it is this wicking action which continually blocks rain, while still breathing away excess heat and moisture. It's much warmer and more durable than other fabrics. The fleece is machine washable, tumble dries, and won't shrink, stretch or fade. Non-absorbent, the fleece doesn't force a wet dog to sit in a damp jumper, and it doesn't it absorb smells, so after every wash, it's as fresh as when it was purchased.

Extra Small - 30cm.
Small - 35cm.
Medium - 40cm.
Large - 45cm.
Extra Large - 50cm
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