Wavy Cat Scratcher

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  • Our wavy cat scratcher is a must have for cat owners
  • The tough paperboard is ideal for your cat to have a good old scratch, which is not only good for their claws but prevents them from scratching your carpets or furniture. its curved design also maks a comfy spot to sit and perch
  • Just place on their favourite spot on the floor, entice with some catnip and away they go
  • Suitable for all breeds & ages
Product Information
Save your furniture from kitty’s sharp claws

Distract cats from shredding armchairs and sofas with this tough paperboard scratcher. Add a little catnip for enticement and they’ll love it even more! Just place on the floor where it will double as a cosy perch. Suitable for all breeds and ages. H45 xW22 xD10cm.
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