Wind-Action Owl

Delivery Supplement:
  • Rotating head and reflective eyes to deter pests
  • An ideal way to protect vulnerable garden areas from pests
  • Wind and reflected light animate the wind-action owl to deter pests naturally
Product Information
Scares flying pests: the Wind-Action Owl is an owl decoy deterrent for bird pests such as pigeons, crows and seagulls, ideal for use in outdoor areas and gardens which are vulnerable to bird pests. Humanely deters birds without causing them harm. Wind-activated movement: the bird scarer has a wind-activated rotating head and reflective eyes with distinctive life-like features and a realistic profile - will fool nuisance bird pests. Long-lasting: the bird repellent is durable and weatherproof. Once installed outside, it can be left throughout the seasons. It is recommended that to maintain effectiveness, the owl is moved from time to time to avoid familiarity. Easy to use: the Wind-Action Owl is easy to set up using the incorporated mounting hole on its base. Complete instructions are provided on-pack. Protect vulnerable garden areas: the deterrent watches over and protects vulnerable garden areas such as lawns, flowerbeds and seedlings. Useful for installing near newly planted areas and crops.
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